About me

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Hi my name is Matt, I am the father of 3 lovely kids, married to an awesome wife. I work as a Mental health nurse in a Safeguarding children’s role. I have worked front line Mental health for some 14 years as a qualified nurse.

I love the outdoors and currently live on the edge of the Lake district, it doesn’t matter what it is I love being outside, from walking to climbing, paddle boarding to swimming, biking to running anything goes.

Into twined in my DNA is my Faith as a Christian and my love to be part of a church community.

This blog is about my Journey to understand and live with PTSD, which was caused by years of dealing with trauma working in Mental health settings. When I tried to access help there wasn’t any and so went on a Journey to discover what worked, hopefully this blog will follow my exploration to use the outdoors to help reduce stress and work towards a level of normaility,